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Chiropractic Care For Lower Back Pain

When you have back pain, it’s more than just the physical symptoms. Back pain negatively affects all aspects of your life – your sleep, your work, your mental health, your hobbies, your social life, and your relationships. I help people with low back pain better understand and manage their pain, so they can do the things they have to do and love to do each day, without having their lives dictated by their pain!​

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Why Choose Dr. Rebecca-Jane McAllister

People often come to me when they have low back pain that’s interfering with their ability to do the daily activities they have to do or love to do. It’s usually when they notice that their back hurts when they walk, sit, stand, exercise… Or sometimes do nothing at all, that they realize it’s time for some professional help!

Orthotics Now Available!

Dr. Rebecca works closely with a pedorthist at the orthotic laboratory that she orders all custom orthotics from to ensure that you get the best custom care possible!

How I Can Help You

Your One-Stop Solution for Lower Back Pain

You don’t have to tackle your pain alone! Book an initial consultation today to learn how I can help!

Do you suffer from one or more of the following?

  • Are you tired of your lower back pain dictating what you can accomplish each day?
  • Are you feeling frustrated that the simplest of tasks, like walking, sitting, or standing, have you feeling exhausted and in pain?
  • Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything with minimal to no pain relief?
  • Are you starting to think this pain is your “new normal”?
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Approximately 80% of adults (aged 16 years or older) experience an episode of acute low back pain at least once in their life.

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Evidence shows that 90% of low back pain is not caused by serious underlying injury or disease and typically does not require MRIs, CT scans, medication, surgical referrals, or opioid prescriptions.

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In Canada, approximately 30% of adults have low back pain that recurs within 6 months of their first episode.

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In Canada, approximately 40% of adults have low back pain that recurs within 1 year of their first episode.

What we've heard

Kind words from our clients

It is important to note that every patient is an individual and that their response to treatment is dependent on a variety of personal factors. 


Dr. Rebecca-Jane McAllister is my hero. Early in 2020 during Covid I had very bad back issues. Getting treatment early days proved near impossible, and I ended up so bad that I couldn’t stand up straight. Eventually I was able to see some medical professionals however none of them could alleviate my issues. I spent 8 months of walking hunched over, only being able to walk for 5 minutes due to the pain and being unable to accomplish the simplest of daily tasks. Then I was recommended to the McAllister clinic and Dr. Rebecca-Jane was able to see me with all the proper Covid protocols in place. She was able to firstly give me hope and take away my despair and secondly, give me my life back! She will forever be my hero. She will always be the first person I recommend and I can’t thank her enough <3

I have seen Dr. Rebecca several times now for stiffness/tightness in my neck and shoulders. I was at the point where it was impacting my sleep because I couldn’t get into a position where I wasn’t hurting. Immediately after our first session I felt relief! I went back a few more times to treat the same area just so that I was feeling closer to 100%. She gave me great recommendations for stretches which have also been very helpful. On top of the treatment itself, Dr. Rebecca is an incredibly kind person who I always look forward to seeing! I would highly recommend her to anyone ☺️
Rebecca is amazing!! So comfortable and wonderful to work with!!
I've been seeing Dr Rebecca for 2 years now. During this time she worked with me before my back surgery and after a fall to cope with the pain of just walking. I recently had my surgery and she is now helping me with my healing process. The work she does is truly amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone. Candace
I had the pleasure to be treated by Dr. Rebecca both in the GLA:D Back Program as well as receiving private, hands-on treatment. In the program, I received valuable training as well as flexibility and strength training for my back. I experienced an 87% improvement in my strength, flexibility, and reduced overall pain. Dr. Rebecca is the only chiropractor I’ve ever seen that uses a variety of methods to improve function and reduce pain. I am so happy found her and you will be too!
Dr. Rebecca does phenomenal work! I saw her for my lower back recently and while I was there she noticed a lot of stiffness in my mid-back which she thought she should also address. I didn't realize how bad my mid-back was until I was on a photography shoot on Saturday and for the first time in I would say 10+ years I didn't have pain in my back! It's funny what you will put up with, and ignore, or learn to get along with. But now with the help of Dr. Rebecca I don't have to! I can't recommend her enough! Cheers

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