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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Contemporary medical acupuncture serves as a unique therapeutic modality that makes use of fine, sterile needles strategically inserted into specific anatomical points on the body. This innovative therapy, an adaptation of traditional Chinese medicine, seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding, aiming to restore the body’s optimal functioning.


Enhancing Your Health Through Medical Acupuncture

The primary mechanism behind acupuncture is neuromodulation, a natural process involving the regulation of the body’s nervous system. The body’s nervous system plays a critical role in regulating our physiological responses and maintaining homeostasis. When the fine needles are inserted into the acupuncture points, it triggers neuromodulation, effectively stimulating and modulating the body’s nerve activities. This process is believed to influence a multitude of bodily functions, including but not limited to, the release of pain-regulating chemicals.

Acupuncture is widely recognized for its potential to promote tissue healing, alleviate pain, and improve function of the affected areas of the body. When applied by a trained professional, acupuncture can serve as a powerful tool in the therapeutic arsenal, helping to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, enhance mobility, and improve quality of life. It is a holistic approach that treats the body, aiming not just to manage symptoms but to address the root cause of the health issue, thereby promoting comprehensive healing and overall wellbeing.

My Approach

I offer an evidence based and patient centered approach to pain education and management