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Fee Schedule

Understand the fees and plans available from Dr. Rebecca-Jane McAllister, Chiropractor in SE Calgary.

*Note that other clinic locations may have a different fee schedule

Pregnant woman talking with a chiropractor about their lower back pain

Individualized Chiropractic Care Treatment Plans

Please note that all appointment fees are due at the end of each visit


Initial Assessment

This fee covers your comprehensive first visit where we conduct a detailed evaluation of your health condition, discuss your health goals, and devise a personalized treatment plan.


Subsequent Visit

This is the standard cost for your regular follow-up appointments, where we carry out the treatment plan designed during your initial assessment.


Extended Subsequent Visit

If your follow-up visit requires additional time for more complex or multiple conditions, or if acupuncture is a part of your treatment plan, this extended session fee applies.


Re-evaluation / New Complaint

Should there be a significant change in your condition or a new complaint arises, we conduct a re-evaluation to reassess and modify your treatment plan accordingly.

Administrative Fees

Please note that all administrative fees are due at the time of request. All fees are not inclusive of GST.


Requested Healthcare Professional Letter

If you require a formal letter to be written to another healthcare professional regarding your condition or treatment, this fee applies.


Home Exercise Program (HEP) Handout

A personalized, written home exercise program for you to follow at home, designed to support your in-clinic treatments and speed up your recovery process.


Hourly Rate

This fee is applicable for instances including, but not limited to, if an insurance company is requesting a detailed report on your condition and care plan or if you're interested in having Dr. Rebecca speak at your next event.

File Request

This fee is applicable if you need a copy of your clinical records or documentation for any purposes like insurance or personal use.

  • $25 for the first 20 pages of chart records
  • $0.25 per page from page 41 onwards of chart records
  • $10 per 15 minutes for chart request generation

Product Fees

Please note that all product fees are due at the time of request. All fees are inclusive of GST.

$5 Each


Red, Yellow or Green | Resistance bands aid in strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, available for purchase to support your at-home exercise regimen.

$10 Each

Lacrosse Ball

Lacrosse balls are excellent tools for self-massage, helping to relieve muscle tension and improve mobility. You can purchase these for at-home use.

$15 Each


A therapeutic tape that supports muscles and joints without restricting movement. Available for purchase for at-home injury management and support.

$10 Each

Heel Lift (3mm & 6mm)

May be appropriate for use if you have pain or functional limitation arising from a leg length discrepancy.

$12.99 Each

Pain Be Gone Topical Cream (60ml)

Feel the power of the Pain Be Gone Topical Cream as it digs deep into muscles with an icy-hot combination of 100% pure essential oils. Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve pain and/or inflammation of muscles and joints such as sprains, bruises, and/or joint pain.

GLA:D Back Program

If you are deemed ineligible for the program after the initial assessment, the balance of the program fee minus the initial assessment fee will be refunded in full without a withdrawal fee. The initial assessment fee is non-refundable.

*May be covered by chiropractic extended healthcare benefits*

Due to the research-based nature of this program, it is important for participants to attend every session. As such, participants will not be reimbursed for any missed sessions. It is the responsibility of the participant to notify Dr. Rebecca-Jane McAllister if any extenuating circumstances arise. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact their extended healthcare insurance provider to determine whether GLA:D Back is covered by their extended health plan or health spending account.

GLA:D Back Program

  • GLA:D Back Initial Assessment ($120)
  • 9 Week Program (2x/week for 9 weeks - $28/session = $504)
  • GLA:D Back Follow Up Visit ($75)

Please note that the GLA:D Back Program fee is due in full at the end of the initial assessment


GLA:D Back Program + Individualized Chiropractic Care

Please note that the GLA:D Back Program fee is due in full at the end of the initial assessment. Subsequent Visit fees are due at the end of each appointment.


  • GLA:D Back Initial Assessment ($120)
  • 9 Week Program (2x/week for 9 weeks - $28/session = $504)
  • GLA:D Back Follow Up Visit ($75)


  • 5 Subsequent Visits (10% off) biweekly during the 9 Week Program ($63/visit = $315)
$20 Per Class
$72 (10% off) for 1 month (4 classes)

GLA:D Back Graduate Community Classes

Only eligible to GLA:D Back Program graduates; option to pay per class at the end of each session OR pre-pay for 1 month (4 classes)

10% OFF

Seniors (Age 65+) Discount