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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is integrated into every treatment plan. Emphasis is placed on moving within comfortable and tolerable ranges, in order to encourage the body to function the way it’s intended to.

Person exercising their leg during a chiropractic appointment

A Personalized Path through Exercise Rehabilitation for Resilience and Recovery

Exercise rehabilitation is a critical component of treatment as once the pain of a musculoskeletal injury or condition improves, residual weakness and/or functional limitation to the injured tissues may still be present, making the patient more susceptible to further injury or re-aggravation.

Your treatment plan and rehabilitation program is always personalized to meet your individual goals, whether they be rehabilitation from injury, prevention of injury, optimizing health, or enhancing performance. Compliance with your rehabilitation program typically decreases the timeframe for recovery as well as typically decreases the likelihood of injury reoccurrence.

My Approach

I offer an evidence based and patient centered approach to pain education and management